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How to turn your video into comics for free!


It’s January 2019, all designers write long stories about Design Trends 2019, so I will not, at least not today.

As usual, I have way cooler news, that are not easy to come across, but your business can benefit from it in so many ways…

Illustrated campaigns

G-star Raw illustrated campaign

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G-star Raw presented the most sustainable jeans ever in the form of a short illustrated movie advertised in the social media. Simplistic drawings in blue / indigo / navy teach the customer about the process of jeans production and the amount of pollution resulting from standard processes of dying the fabric. The drawing style is quite similar to what we have seen in the music video for Arctic Monkeys “Do I wanna know” (below).
Illustrated campaigns

Gucci Spring – Summer 2018 illustrated campaign

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Gucci’s Spring 2018 campaign. Illustration/Photo: Ignasi Monreal/Gucci
For S/S 2018 Gucci surprised everybody. Not with the theme of their campaign, because after last years’ UFO’s and dinosaurs we were prepared to pretty much anything, but with the medium. Instead of the pretty, glossy photography we were served a set of beautiful digital paintings by a Spanish Illustrator Ignasi Monreal. Welcome to the world where fairy tales are combined with updated versions of some of the greatest paintings in the history of art. The kingdom of illustration that is.  
All the below illustrations are Gucci’s Spring 2018 campaign. Illustration/Photo: Ignasi Monreal/Gucci