My name is Kas Thomas & I am a graphic designer passionate about bringing more creativity into our daily lives.


  • You will get not one, but 3 designs (text layout of all 3 will be similar, but the fonts, graphics and decorations will be in 3 separate versions.
  • We can do each version corresponding with the branding of your 3 top of companies, that you would like to get a position with or we can do one conservative and two more creative.
  • Projects will be based on your individual style, design, font and color preferences, you will be involved in the design process to make sure it reflects your vision. It is up to you, how we proceed.
  • I execute every design in person, I make sure you have a lot of options to choose from and present you with new trends and exciting possibilities in graphic design.
  • To kick off the project, we can meet in person anywhere in Basel or via video-call for an hour-long brainstorming meeting. Or we can resolve all points via e-mail/phone.
  • I fully respect your privacy and take care of your personal data and resume content with absolute discretion.
  • Layouts will be made individually for you and never repeated or multiplied in any way for any other client or project.


Getting a resume designed by Kas was a game-changer in my job search. Earlier, with my regular resume I was barely getting any answers to my applications.

Now, I do get a response in 90% of the cases, and I have already been to a number of interviews. I have not won my dream job yet, but it looks like it is just a matter of time now.

Anonymous Client

My curriculum vitae looks like a million dollars

I have a very solid work experience and education. But regardless of my own efforts, my resume has never seemed as impressive, as my actual professional achievements.

Kas has given me a great-looking tool and extra confidence. I know, I have done everything, that is possible, to step up my career in the next couple of months!

Anonymous Client

Impress everyone

This resume was the best investment in the last couple of months.

I enjoy having something, that is so much better, than what others have. Feels like riding a fancy car, while all other job applicants are crowded on a bus stop…

Anonymous Client


How does it work? How long does it take?

1. You fill out a form about your design/color preferences

2. You pay upfront payment 100 chf
(Secure online payment powered by PayPal)

3. You send your current cv or resume (in Word, Open Office or PDF) and photo (jpg or png) by e-mail

4. We meet in person in Basel on a weekday between 9.00 and 17.00 for an hour brainstorming about the design.

The meeting is at your discretion (you can pick a place), as an alternative we can use: video call, e-mail or phone.

5. In 5 working days you get first draft in 3 different layouts

6. You have a week to ask for minor corrections related to design (fonts, layout)

7. In 3 working days you get your final 3 designs

8. You have a week to finalize the payment (the amount of price left)


299 chf
for the first page
in 3 versions / motifs

Please note: I do not split orders, it is three versions of the same resume for a single person.

I do not accept orders of less than 3 versions.

Corrections resulting from mistakes in your original submitted resume, or exceeding 3h of work in total, will be billed 50 chf per hour on top of regular fee.

Technical aspects:

final designs are 3 separate
optimized pdf files
(maximum size:
0.2-0.5 MB per page)




You pay here a partial payment for a unique redesign of your resume in 3 different versions. Full price for one page is 299 chf, each additional page is 99 chf, each next language is 30% of the price extra.

Please note:

1. Upfront payment is fully refundable within first 24 h from placing the order.

2. After 24h of placing the order until 3 days before brainstorming meeting you will be refunded 50% of the upfront payment.

3. Later upfront payment is non-refundable.

4. Handling of resignations made after the brainstorming meeting, but before design works have begun: in case of resignation made at that point, you will be charged no extra fee apart from the upfront payment.

5. Resignation received after design works have begun, will be subject to additional fee representing the amount of work executed until the moment of resignation.

6. Your original resume (in Word, Open Office or pdf format), as well as resignations or receipt requests should be send by e-mail to:

7. Brainstorming meeting has to take place in Basel or online or via phone call and it will take a maximum time of one hour.

8. Designs prepared based on the brainstorming meeting can be subject to amendments not exceeding 3 hours of work in total.

9. Amendments exceeding 3 hours and/or corrections resulting from mistakes in the original resume we receive from you will be billed 50 chf per hour of work.

10. We keep your personal information and content of your resume in absolute privacy, and handle this service with absolute discretion.

100.00 CHF

After submitting the design-preferences form and executing payment please send your resume to: