Web Design for SmartSkills.io

The assignment was to create a website for one day workshop, which enables a person even without previous coding experience, to develop and launch a Blockchain app.

Currently the workshops take place locally in Switzerland, in the long run there will be bootcamps for developers in the most exotic locations in the world.

For that reason the mood was a combination of beach vibe with the thrill of new technology.

This concept revolves around the message, that learning new skills allows you to choose your style of working, you can work as a freelancer from any place in the world. Therefore, it gives you freedom.

I was responsible for both design, and formulation of slogans/calls to action. I have also created the brand logo.

Website included a complex subscribe model, where client can order a detailed Workshop Outline by signing up with the e-mail (including a possibility of opting-in to Newsletter).

Additionally, I have created 3 layouts to be used as LinkedIn Ad:

Below initial Moodboards and colors, which the website design was based on (final version included pictures with dim cover (so that the text is better visible), therefore the perceived colors are slightly darker).


  • Owner of the design: Euraconsult Gmbh/ smartskills.io
  • Industry: Information Technology/Education (Workshops for Blockchain developers
  • Execution: January 2018 in Basel

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