SmartSkills® is the name of a intensive 1-day long workshop of coding for the Blockchain. Currently the workshops take place locally in Switzerland, in the long run there will be bootcamps for developers in the most exotic locations in the world.

The key idea is, that during SmartSkills® Workshop you learn enough to execute your first app for the blockchain. With this knowledge you can follow a career of Blockchain developer, which most importantly gives you freedom to travel and work from typical holiday locations.

Therefore, the logo had to combine technology/ Blockchain concept with a that kind of a freelancer’s freedom feel.

Below the moodboard I prepared to the first meeting:

Owner’s request was to use wave icon and I loved the idea.

Wave was matching with the whole concept and story, as long as we used a tech wave image.

Dotted design corresponds with typical blockchain concept visualizations.

The wave alone will be used as the site icon.


  • Owner of the design: Euraconsult Gmbh/
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Execution: December 2018 in Basel

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