The assignment was to create both a brand name and a logo for a foodtruck that would be soon opened in Geneve.

Design brief included: Target audience, Emotional drivers, Competition & Creative requirements. The most important elements below:

Delicious & healthy home cooked Moroccan food

My clients are young, open minded office workers looking for healthy and exotic food. They are busy so don’t have much time and still want to treat themselves with good home-made food. They are environmentally conscious and look for sustainable options. They have a high budget for their lunch time but want good value for their money.

I would ideally would like the name included in the logo. I would like to use warm colors (typical Moroccan spices – saffron / ginger / cumin / paprika). I would like the logo to scream Moroccan food but also somehow include the idea of deserts…

Cool and trendy but still evoking home made / traditional Moroccan food

Warm, casual, homey, colorful, material: pottery

Coming up with brand name:

I wanted to make a brand name that will be either creation of a new word or somehow include the owner’s first name, which is Zineb.

To find a perfect solution to the brand name, I spent some time reading about typical Moroccan foods, names of dishes and cuisines to come up with something that could include Zineb. I finally presented 5 options, and the final choice was Cuizine Berbère (to arrive at that name I changed s to z from in a name of a popular north African/Moroccan traditional cuisine – French spelling, since the foodtruck will be in Geneve – here you can read more about the cuisine itself>> Cuisine_berbère

To begin with Logo design I came up with 3 moodboards with different features and one moodboard with competition research (Zineb gave me links to foodtrucks that already sell in Geneve).

Below some development drafts- we explored 3 different directions:

The final design was a combination of two of above ideas, but most importantly Zineb was happy with it and said it was exactly what she wanted for her business:)
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