Me, Myself & Moths

I don’t love moths.

But I accepted the fact, that me and moths have a lot in common… 

Way more than just the slightly twisted “moth” in my last name, Thomas…

Moths come in a spectacular variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

And like the budgets of my clients…

Many people believe that it is the larvae of butterfly, that produce silk.

It’s absolutely false. Silkworms of a silk-moth are the sole producers

That silk is later made into a woven fabric and used in fashion.

I like to believe, that what I create, as that valuable, natural silk.

One more thing, me and moths have in common, is the fashion industry itself.

I have spent last fifteen years working for big fashion brands,

Moths are nocturnal creatures, I also love to work at night…;)

In fact, it is often the case, that the best creative ideas I come up with

Some moths migrate large distances, for practical reasons mainly.

I moved to Switzerland from Poland in May 2016, hope to stay in Basel at least for a couple more years. I like it here a lot.

Therefore, a moth in my logo is well hidden (two simplified wings and antennae) in the shape of letter K and T, like my initials.

I also meant my logo to resemble

That association I like as well, because my designs are never created in silence.

Moths also use sounds, but mainly to scare away predators…

Therefore, I have to expand, acquire new clients- maybe You?

I am very interested in getting involved in any type of design project in Basel or Zurich or around Switzerland.

Most moths (except for vampire moth which is famous for sucking blood of mammals), don’t bite.

Neither do I;)