You pay here a partial payment for a unique redesign of your resume in 3 different versions. Full price for one page is 299 chf, each additional page is 99 chf, each next language is 30% of the price extra.

Please note:

1. Upfront payment is fully refundable within first 24 h from placing the order.

2. After 24h of placing the order until 3 days before brainstorming meeting you will be refunded 50% of the upfront payment.

3. Later upfront payment is non-refundable.

4. Handling of resignations made after the brainstorming meeting, but before design works have begun: in case of resignation made at that point, you will be charged no extra fee apart from the upfront payment.

5. Resignation received after design works have begun, will be subject to additional fee representing the amount of work executed until the moment of resignation.

6. Your original resume (in Word, Open Office or pdf format), as well as resignations or receipt requests should be send by e-mail to:

7. Brainstorming meeting has to take place in Basel or online or via phone call and it will take a maximum time of one hour.

8. Designs prepared based on the brainstorming meeting can be subject to amendments not exceeding 3 hours of work in total.

9. Amendments exceeding 3 hours and/or corrections resulting from mistakes in the original resume we receive from you will be billed 50 chf per hour of work.

10. We keep your personal information and content of your resume in absolute privacy, and handle this service with absolute discretion.

100.00 CHF

After submitting the design-preferences form and executing payment please send your resume to: