Milestones in new web design project

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Below the key milestones for a new web design or redesign

Creating a new website can be considered a project, and below are all the key steps which involve both the designer and the client:

1. Initial meeting:

In the initial meeting I would like to get to know more about you and your business, understand your specific needs and requirements.

I would like to learn, who your clients are and what could be important for them regarding your new website.

Initial meeting is free of charge and non-binding.

I suggest that after the meeting you take 2-4 weeks to decide, if we will be working together on your new web design.

2. Why hire me?

It is always good to compare a couple agencies/designers. See their own homepages and understand how they work.

I believe that I stand out among other web designers:

I have huge experience in both trend research and marketing. So when I think about design, I can combine both.

My websites combine cool graphic design trends with a pro-sales marketing approach.

They is always a planned path of your visitors’ behavior in your website, arranged in a way that is supposed to grab their attention and keep it long enough to make them “buy” your product or service or at least subscribe to your newsletter.

So website designed by me is a tool to make instant sales and get e-mails from those who are not yet ready to buy.

Later via adequate e-mail marketing you can turn those e-mails into even more sales, so they are a very important element of website functionality.

In many industries mobile users are half of the website visitors.

When I design I pay attention all the time that the website looks good on all kinds of devices.

Don’t get mistaken- responsive design is not everything.

The way text is used on the website (font size, spacing, alignment etc.) will all have impact on user friendliness in the mobile version, and it all has to be viewed in detail to choose the best solution for desktop and mobile users.

I have vast knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Therefore, my websites not only look good, but are easily found in Google, Bing etc. by people looking for the kind of product or service offered.

Transparency is key for me.

Therefore after initial meeting you get from me a detailed quotation with all discussed elements of the website (such as pages, menus, links, buttons, pictures, icons, animations, additional functionalities).

Therefore, if you still want to change something about the layout later, you know exactly, how that will affect the final price (no hidden costs).

I will integrate your website with social media, for more traffic.

For example, I can install a plugin that will allow you to collect subscribers to your website newsletter directly on Facebook. Neat, right?)

Most importantly, working with me, you know what are your options and how we can additionally optimize your traffic and you get to decide, what should be the scope of works.

Last but not least, I am good with copywriting, therefore I can create whole textual content for your website.

Or we can prepare them together, in a way to “sell” your product but also to include all the important from SEO point of view words and phrases, so that your website is easy to find by your potential clients.

3. 30% Upfront Payment

Once you choose me to develop your web design, I will ask you for a 30% upfront payment.

Once I receive it, we set a date of Kickoff Meeting.

4. Kick-off Meeting

In a Kickoff Meeting we will discuss strategy about your new web design (marketing mix).

I will present you with results of an audit of your current website, if you already have one.

I do not need no passwords or access to your Google analytics to audit your current website.

I will use external reports to learn about your traffic, your visitor behavior and your website current  SEO.

Guess what? I can also tell you, what are traffic statistics of your competitors and their main keywords.

We can use that knowledge to optimize your website and make sure it is the winner within your industry.

How should you prepare for the meeting?

I would like to know, which websites of other brands, you find well designed. Also if you have any special needs and requests have about your new homepage.

Please prepare for me a list of websites of your competitors and partners.

At this point I should receive all additional informations you think are important.

5. Research

After Kickoff Meeting I will need approximately a week to research the websites you like and those of your competition.

You will get the audits of your competitors inc. traffic, visit times and 5 main keywords to your e-mail.

6. Presentation

Based on the research I will propose you 3 layouts and 3 color palettes / story-boards (if have fixed company colors I stick to it, we just add some neutral elements).

Above an example of palettes (story boards) for APS Gmbh.

This is an example of layouts board for Smartskills® (we were also choosing main picture in this step).

We will discuss the final layout and make a draft of all elements.

I will also present you SEO keywords that I would recommend for your business, to be included in the web design.

7. Design phase

After you have chosen the color palette and layout and approved SEO keywords, I will start designing.

We will be confirming key visuals for each page with you via e-mail.

If I also write the texts for the website, you will also get each Page content to approve with highlighted keywords.

8. Presentation of the New Website

Once the design is ready, I first will send you a link to the new web design online (on a non-indexed domain), so that you can see exactly what it will look like and how the navigation works.

Later we will meet to discuss, how you like it, and if there is anything that could match your preferences better.

9. Revision

I will need to receive from you a full list of expected modifications to the design in an email.

I will need between one and two weeks to implement the required changes, if corrections are necessary.

10. Final Handoff and Payment

I will send you a link to the Final Design, upon approval I will deploy it to your domain or switch from Private website to Public.

Once everything is set, we will send you invoice to the 70% payment after finalization.

11. Maintenance

I can provide you with great maintenance services after the new website is live.

Maintenance can be just current administration, adding blog entries, news etc.

But in most cases first version of the website could still be worked on to optimize the customer path and various functionalities- based on visitors real behavior in the website, which we will know from Google analytics.

SEO optimization and traffic acquisition from social media is a constant work.

I can keep on supporting you with all those assignments, once the website is ready.

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