About me: Kas Thomas

I used to have a story here about my vast and versatile professional experience…

But is that the most important, when you are looking for a web & graphic designer?

I guess not.

I used to run Design and Graphic Design department in one of big European retailers and I have hired many designers, and what mattered to me the most was:

Can they execute designs
that sell the product
and build the brand?

I bet you also want a design that will “sell” your product, regardless if it is product or service.

You want something memorable, sophisticated, in line with the newest trends.

Something your customers will connect with and put their trust in.

So my job is not just about designing.

It is about reading your customer’s needs.

About understanding their lifestyles.

Also about bringing emotions and stories to the design.

I am a partner in a conversation about your brand, your vision and dream.

I will help you build that dream and accelerate your business.

Together we will pull your customer into a story of your brand and make sure they want to read more.

Moreover, I am very disciplined as a designer. I keep my deadlines.

I submit a design, when my client is 100% happy about it.

My pricing policy is also very transparent.

That is very important to all clients, especially in case of complex designs such as websites.

If you decide to make any changes in the design, you always know, how it will change the price.

Do you wonder, why you see all that quilts here?

I predict that patchwork will be a key inspiration within the ASYMMETRY TREND, which is one of the hottest trends in design industry right now.

Now, we have set some common grounds, I can tell you about my education and professional experience.

I have studied fashion and costume design, and excelled my design and drawing skills during a lot of additional classes.

I also have photography diploma and manager certification.

I have spent over fifteen years working in the fashion industry.

For nine years I was responsible for accepting all digital and print campaigns for a big fashion brand in Poland.

I also worked as Head of Design and Graphic Design giving art direction to a team of fifty people.

I supervised all works from trend research until a finished product.

I have vast experience with
e-commerce, online customer acquisition and social media.

I worked as a social media content manager & creator for a brand, which had 1.000.000 visits to their online store per month.

30% of that traffic was coming from social media.

And all that traffic was created by us, social media content managers.

Last, but not least, I am very cooperative and fun to work with:)
Let’s meet!