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Artwork for the Billboard’s Nr 1 rockband KALEO

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I will never forget my Valentine’s Day 2019- not for no fancy-date-business. On that day the day-to-day manager of KALEO, Kelly Kresen of Triple 8 Management wrote this to me:

“Hi Kas – I’m Kelly Kresen, KALEO’s manager. I was forwarded your email about the work you do and I passed it on to JJ – KALEO’s frontman. So glad to hear you’re a fan and that our music inspires you and your art.  We may be interested in having you create a portrait out of many portraits(…)”

It took a good couple of months the exchange that later took place. Kelly has sent me 14 pictures chosen for my project, out of which I have created the artwork below. You can read about the whole process and concept in a form of presentation, that KALEO has also received. On 14th of May, so a 3 months later I received such priceless feedback from Kelly Kresen.

“Thank you SO much for your time and effort you put into creating this work of art for us. (…)”

Up till now I cannot believe I have created an artwork for a band that received Gold in US for their A/B Album and peaked at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs and Rock Airplay charts. I can’t wait on the new Album! Check out my process below:)