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LensCulture Magazine review of my work

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LensCulture review:
“This irritatingly hypnotic work pushes beyond
photography and really sinks into illustration. There is a quality to this work which I can envision going viral
with the proper online placement. (…)”

It is one of the “sparkly” moments of my career as a designer/ artist/ photographer.

I received an amazing insightful review of my work (conceptual photography series) by LensCulture Magazine, one of the most established media within the scope of contemporary photography.

I am proud to share it in full below, below my remarks about the questions stated in the review.

I will tell you about NR5. The whole series is about ruining order. But I ruined the order in a certain order;)

Therefore, I had to ruin the new order one more time, to show that dealing with imperfection is a process that never stops, we can only accept constant changes.

The “smiley” represents my acceptance of imperfection of my own work, and that I treat myself and the process of creating with a proper distance. It also brings a new layer of the truth I wanted to present in this work. There is great beauty in imperfection and great amount of comfort in accepting imperfection as a life approach.