I pick carefully competitions, which I compete in. This one is amazing for a lot of reasons, but mostly for it’s authenticity.

ABSOLUT Vodka has collaborated with artists from all over the world since 1980s. All created artworks seem relevant up till now and still looks inspiring.

I find it great, for a brand to support artists and art in such tremendous way. It would be a privilege to find myself within ABSOLUT collaborators, but, in fact, even the possibility of competing is amazing.

As inspiration I picked the brand’s statement: “No matter where we are from we are all humans” and created a patchwork face combining pictures of women of different ethnicities.

Below submitted works (all contestants were allowed to submit 3 pieces):





I am absolutely in love with the result, especially that the above statement is so relatable to me, for personal reasons and I can just hope the future brings more acceptance and love towards our differences, embracing our differences as a way of creating something extraordinary.

Want to know more? You can take a walk with ABSOLUT to check out brand’s most important collaborations with artist since 1980:

Wish me luck to get to the big finale, results will be available end of March, and then half of May we will find out, who the winner is!

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