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How to turn your video into comics for free!

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It’s January 2019, all designers write long stories about Design Trends 2019, so I will not, at least not today.

As usual, I have way cooler news, that are not easy to come across, but your business can benefit from it in so many ways…

As a proud Polish girl, I want to write about this innovative web solution created in my homeland, which allows to turn any movie into a comics in just a couple minutes. It will choose frames based on an algorithm created by the authors.

Look below, how the tool changes a movie into comics:

Think about the possible applications, how you can you use it to create new exciting content for your website and social media.

Options are truly unlimited.

Currently the solution can be used for free as long as video is no longer than 15 minutes and 50 MB. If you need more you can contact the authors of the solution.

Check out some examples of frames, of course I comixified myself walking around my co-working office, to show you it really works;)


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Enjoy the tool yourself: 🙂

You can find the web solution to comixify your own video here>>>


Comixify: Transform video into a comics 
Maciej Pesko, Adam Svystun, Paweł Andruszkiewicz, Przemysław Rokita, Tomasz Trzcinski
arXiv:1812.03473, 2018