Partnership with Displate

It is my pleasure to present the news, that I have joined the community as an Artist/Illustrator. In short, it means you are now able to order my illustrated posters directly from Displate’s website.


What is a Displate?

Displate is a magnet-mounted metal print. It’s durable, it’s steel. And you don’t need any power tools to hang it. Unlike any other home decor stores, our in-house production means we have control over the quality of every single product.

Say goodbye to paper posters and welcome our 21st century wall art canvas – unique art prints on metal. Play your walls, create your own collections and show what really drives you!



Currently, I am uploading most of illustrations I created as personal projects to their website, so that you can get highest quality prints on metal with a hologram at the back confirming authenticity. Below a short collection of pastel illustrations intended to spice up any bedroom. Beauty of female body combined with rough sketching style and sharp lines is what gives this series individuality and sophistication (See collection Hypnotic on Displate)   


I am absolutely in love with this way of printing, it’s quality and durability. I also appreciate the validation process at Displate, in which each image undergoes control of quality and subject, so that only high quality pictures become published.

Naturally, Artist’s share of the price is very small (a bit higher if you buy via links I share here), nevertheless it is the opportunity to decorate someone’s wall is what excites me the most. So each time you buy my piece to hang in your apartment or office I feel really privileged and motivated to keep up the good work:)

Below link to my Profile- at the moment there is just a couple works, but I am uploading more and working on completely new illustrations: Kas Thomas on


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