My entry at LensCulture B&W Photo Awards

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This year for the first time I got an individual invitation participate in LensCulture Black & White Photography Awards based on some experimental portrait photography I created last year. I decided to participate with a different type of pictures- it is concept art composite photography, presenting a study of lost or ruined perfection…


I decided to create some simple images based fully on balance and symmetry, only to later destroy the meticulously created order. Below short description of the series and the concept, you can find my entry here in a ready-to-share format>>


Perfection is useless, ruined perfection is the new order.

Does the disrupted pattern/symmetry make it uncomfortable for you to look at?

Do you want to remove the disruption, put things back in order?

Please don’t. Let it be.

Close your eyes and open them back to the new order.

Find the beauty of imperfection, be human again.