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Web design for APS- work in progress

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One of the longer projects I am involved in recently is new web design for Advanced Project Services GmbH (a-ps.ch), company is providing project management solutions and compliance/audit readiness services. Just to give you a brief idea of milestones and what is behind each of them:


First, I started with analysis/audit of the current a-ps.ch website. I analyzed ((I don’t need the company’s google analytics account access, I can do it externally;)

-volume of traffic;

-the sources of traffic (direct/from search/from social media and referrals) and countries of traffic;

-main phrases, for which the website was found in search engines;

-current keywords and web performance/errors/ links;



Next I prepared a presentation with SEO keywords I would like to integrate to the new website (the phrases I want to integrate into the web design (in both content and meta data) to facilitate for the website to be found high in searches (in Google/Bing etc.) in which those phrases would be used.

The keywords included results from Google keyword analysis and keywords I find relatable from the company current website’s content and the content on competitor’s websites.

I also prepared 6 layouts (based on WordPress premium themes) and 6 color palettes:

The company decision makers have analyzed the proposed keywords, and have chosen a layout and color palette. I was ready to start designing:)


With websites is a bit like with people. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression and in case of business to attract their attention.

Therefore, it is important to make it memorable and one of the kind, not standardized and generic. Which is why I do not recommend using stock photography/vectors directly, but either turn them into photographic composites (photography made of a couple photos to create a completely new stunning photo, which tells a story or explains the business) or add some personal input, like quote or mission. In this case, I decided to go for the quote. Below my first draft for the page (company pics are just placeholders- I will be taking new company photos this month for the whole team). We have had two meetings discussing the key visuals for the landing page and discussed the stimulus behind each of the proposed possibilities, and how clients will react to them. We have spent a good amount of time discussing, if we went to include just positive connotations, or if we also highlight risks of choosing the wrong project management partner.


Finally, we were leaning towards safer themes, below my proposal (accepted but still some small corrections are to be included in wording and coloration):


For this project, I am responsible for the website from A to Z, text content included. Which is beneficial for the future performance, because if SEO keywords are only included in meta data they will not perform as well, as if they are also included in the content in a specific way (tricks…;) I have already created some articles for the page, below (yes, I have to do a huge research to write an article like that). There will be way more, I am on it:)


Website revamp is a great opportunity to take a good look at the company branding. Sometimes a good excuse to do some redesign on logo or other branding elements. Sometimes small changes make a big difference. It was no different in this case. Along with the web design project we decided to readapt the logo to the new company’s structure, I had the pleasure of doing this small rebranding:

7. NEXT:

We will go ahead with this project this month after the holiday season is over. We hope to finish by end of October, the final effect will find a good place in my portfolio:) If you are interested in including me in your new web design project or have me fully responsible for your new website, contact me:  079 568 60 70 or kastho@kastho.com.