Me, Myself & Moths

I don't love moths...

But I accepted the fact, that me and moths have a lot in common.

Way more than just the slightly twisted "moth"
in my last name- Thomas.

Moths come in a spectacular variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Pretty much, like my services:
web design, graphic design, branding, photography and creative photoshop.
And like the budgets of my clients...




Website Design

Web design ● SEO & Optimization ● Newsletter design

Graphic Design

Layouts for Digital & Print ● Typography ● Product design


Logo design ● Presentations ● Packaging

Photography & Photoshop

Photography ● Photo edition & manipulation ● Creative Photoshop

Social media

Social media strategy & content ● Content marketing

Illustration & Vector design

Illustration ● Vector design ● Digital painting


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News & Updates

News from design & marketing industry / What I am up to / My entries in competitions

LensCulture Magazine review of my work

LensCulture Magazine review of my work

15th March 2019

It is one of the “sparkly” moments of my career as a designer/ artist/ photographer. I received an amazing insightful review of my work (conceptual photography series) by LensCulture Magazine, one of the most established media within the scope of contemporary photography. I am proud to share it in full below, below my remarks about […]



4th February 2019

I pick carefully competitions, which I compete in. This one is amazing for a lot of reasons, but mostly for it’s authenticity. ABSOLUT Vodka has collaborated with artists from all over the world since 1980s. All created artworks seem relevant up till now and still looks inspiring. I find it great, for a brand to […]

How to turn your video into comics for free!

How to turn your video into comics for free!

24th January 2019

COMIXIFY YOUR MOVIE IN 2 MINUTES﹀ It’s January 2019, all designers write long stories about Design Trends 2019, so I will not, at least not today. As usual, I have way cooler news, that are not easy to come across, but your business can benefit from it in so many ways…

    B u y   m y   A r t  :


    S e l e c t i o n  o f  m y  A r t  P r o j e c t s :





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